LARGEST INVENTORY Elite Sales can meet your needs with our two strategically placed U.S. warehouses. FIND OUT MORE
Nuestra base de clientes incluye fabricantes de cables, distribuidores regionales, proveedores de equipos específicos en la industria y fabricantes de equipos originales (OEM).
Elite Sales, Inc. offers its
brand of products to help
its customers successfully
compete in their respective

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Elite Sales Incorporated.

Elitw Sales Inc Wire Rope Distributors

Elite Sales, Inc. offers its brand of products to help its customers successfully compete in their respective markets. As a company we take pride in our pledge to supply only as a wholesale wire rope distributor.

We provide goods to distributors in industries ranging from commercial fishing and cargo transport to agriculture and construction. Our customer base includes wire rope fabricators, regional distributors, industry specific supply houses and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).


  1. Leverage our 20 million dollar inventory to buy only when you need to.
  2. 100+ years combined industry experience
  3. Better serve your customer by being able to always source what you need
  4. Best quality products and the best prices
  5. Two distribution locations to serve all your needs
  6. Diverse line of everything you need. One stop shop.
  7. Affordable minimum’s, we serve large and small businesses  
  8. Same day shipping
  9. $20 million product liability insurance backing
  10. Expand your market and customer base
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Our Products

We offer our brand of products to help our customers succesfully compete in their respective markets

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