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If you’re looking for an industrial cable supplier that delivers top-quality products, look no further than Elite Sales. We carry a selection of industrial cables for every application, from aircraft cable to cargo to construction.

Industrial cables are specially made for flexibility, extreme strength and resistance to abrasions. Industrial cables are made from galvanized or stainless steel, which protects it from corrosion and increases its durability. 

It’s crucial to only purchase quality materials from an industrial cable supplier that meets strict industry safety standards. These cables are often used to secure heavy loads – they must be carefully engineered to ensure it can withstand damage, wear, and use.

Steel Cable Built for Durability

Elite Sales offers galvanized and stainless steel cable designed for ultimate strength and durability. Industrial cables are specially made for flexibility, extreme strength and resistance to abrasions. 

Each part of the steel cable serves a specific purpose and works together to create one of the most versatile and reliable building materials. 

  • Wires: The individual wires are the building blocks, which are used together to give a cable its strength. The wires are wound to evenly distribute incredible amounts of weight and bear the burden of individual broken wires.
  • Strands: The configuration of the wires creates a strong strand, which is made by wrapping wires helically around the cable’s core. This gives the cable greater strength and durability.
  • Core: The strands are wrapped around a sturdy core to give the cable its firmness. Typically, a cable will have a core made from one of the following:
    1. Fiber Core (FC): Usually polypropylene, sometimes hemp and sisal.
    2. Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC): Commonly a steel strand for additional strength.
    3. Wire Strand Core (WSC): Both this core and IWRC are sometimes referred to as steel wire core or steel center.

Applications for Quality Stainless Steel Cable

Industrial steel cable is used in a wide range of industries for all types of applications. Both galvanized and stainless-steel cable are used to provide additional support and strength in heavy-duty applications. 

Elite Sales has worked with a range of clients across numerous industries that rely on our steel cables to get the job done. Our steel cables are safety rated for use in:

  • Construction: Vinyl coated cable and other types are critical in construction.
  • Engineering: From bridges to buildings, cables give the right balance of strength and flexibility.
  • Machinery: Large and small, countless machines rely on cables to function.
  • Aviation: Stainless steel aircraft cables help firmly hold aircrafts in place and can be used in other applications requiring corrosion and temperature resistance.

Our Industrial Cable Options

When it comes to industrial cable, strength, flexibility, and durability are crucial factors. But the requirements can change depending on the intended purpose or specific application. 

This is why we offer an extensive selection of industrial cable options in various materials, steel grades, and construction. Many of our industrial cables come in different patterns, lay, lubrication, and finishing to suit any task at hand.

Our selection of industrial cable includes:

Elite Sales Inc – Quality Industrial Cable

No one knows industrial cables like Elite Sales. Our years of experience in this business give us the breadth of knowledge necessary to help you make the best choice possible. We have earned our reputation as the premier industrial cable supplier in Florida, Texas, and Indiana.