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Metal cable has the strength and durability to be one of the most trusted building materials in countless industries. Elite Sales carries a wide range of options for every application, from aircraft cable to cargo cable. Industrial cables are specially made for flexibility, extreme strength and resistance to abrasions. A tightly wound network of individual strands gives cables an unmatched integrity, as even damage to a single strand will not drastically reduce the strength of the cable itself. Below, learn more about the benefits of using quality cables, and find out why Elite Sales is the best option for you.

Steel Cable Built for Durability

Galvanized cable has been an industry staple for decades, and for good reason. Through smart engineering, it’s one of the most versatile and reliable building materials. What gives cable its strength? It’s all in the design:

  • Wires: The individual wires are the building blocks, but it’s how they are used together that gives cable its strength. The wires are wound such that they can distribute incredible amounts of weight and bear the burden of individual broken wires.
  • Strands: It’s that configuration that creates the stronger strands, made by wrapping wires helically around the cable’s core. This gives the cable greater strength and durability.
  • Core: The strands are wrapped around a sturdy core to give the cable its firmness. Typically, a cable will have a core made from one of the following:
    1. Fiber Core (FC): Usually polypropylene, sometimes hemp and sisal
    2. Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC)
    3. Wire Strand Core (WSC): Both this core and IWRC are sometimes referred to as steel wire core or steel center

Applications for Quality Stainless Steel Cable

From stainless steel cable clamps to galvanized aircraft cables, Elite Sales cable products are used for a wide range of applications. To name a few industries that rely on our cables:

  • Construction: Vinyl coated cable and other types are very valuable in construction.
  • Engineering: From bridges to buildings, cables give the right balance of strength and flexibility.
  • Machinery: Large and small, countless machines rely on cables to function.
  • Aviation: Stainless steel aircraft cables help firmly hold aircrafts in place and can be used in other applications requiring corrosion and temperature resistance

Cable Options Available

At Elite Sales, we are known for our extensive selection of cable options. We carry various materials and steel grades suited for various purposes. Our options also vary by construction, patterns and lay, performance, lubrication and finish. An Elite Sales representative can help you select the best cable for your application.

Elite Sales – Quality Cable for Every Industry

No one knows cables like Elite Sales. We have partners across virtually every industry requiring quality cables and wire rope. Our years of experience in this business give us the breadth of knowledge necessary to help you make the best choice possible.

Contact us today to find out more about our options. Our team is happy to lend you our expertise so that you can make the best cable decision for your application.