3 Reasons to Consider Purchasing Korean Hardware Equipment

January 12, 2021by Admin

Many construction companies do not realize that they have options when it comes to the brand and origin of rigging equipment they purchase. But there are many different brands for industrial hardware available – such as Korean hardware.

The country of South Korea is quite small compared to its competitors like China and the United States. But their output of industrial manufacturing is quite significant, even though it is not one of their main trades. Industrial hardware equipment makes up just over 2% of their total exports for the country. 

But there are some incredible benefits to buying Korean hardware over other products. Korean hardware suppliers offer a wide variety of industrial equipment items like anchor shackles to master links and open spelter sockets. But are they better than other brands and manufacturers?

Let’s dive in.

1. Their Products are Stainless Steel or Hot Dipped Galvanized

One of the key differences between Korean hardware and Chinese industrial equipment is the finishing of the pieces. Korean hardware nearly always comes with stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanized finish, rather than traditional galvanized. For smaller pieces that are responsible for securing heavy loads, this type of finishing can make a huge difference in the item’s strength and overall durability. 

Hot-dip galvanization involves dipping each piece into molten zinc to create a thin, even protective layer. This creates a much stronger bond that will not chip off easily – even with excessive wear. This is very important for industrial hardware pieces like wire rope clips or thimbles, which need to withstand high amounts of friction.

Stainless steel Korean hardware pieces are designed to be incredibly resilient and are made to last much longer than other kinds of steel. The material is naturally rust-resistant, making them ideal for marine or outdoor applications.

2. Costs are Kept Low 

One of the greatest benefits of Korean hardware is that the quality is extremely high, but the cost is still quite affordable. Korea’s manufacturing prices are competitive with China and other countries, so their products are designed to be low cost without compromising quality. 

South Korea is a major steel manufacturer. Its largest production plant is the fifth-highest crude steel producer in the world. This helps to keep the cost of manufacturing low, allowing this small country to compete with China, Japan, and Indonesia for industrial hardware supply.

Korean Hardware Supplier


Korean hardware manufacturers have numerous competitive advantages over their rivals. One of the greatest being that most of their products can be imported into the United States without tariffs, merchandise processing fees, and taxes. This helps to keep the cost low for Korean hardware distributors who sell the product in the states. 

3. You’ll Get the Best Deal with a Hardware Supplier 

Korean hardware equipment can sometimes be a bit more difficult to find – since it is not necessarily as common as Chinese industrial supplies. If you purchase directly from international distributors, you generally have to place extremely large orders. 

This may not be a viable financial option for smaller businesses or projects. However, you can get a great deal on Korean hardware by purchasing from a Korean hardware distributor. 

Another key benefit to ordering from an industrial hardware supplier is that you can get more information on the pieces you need. Unfortunately, some international suppliers may not provide the most accurate information on their products. 

Korean hardware suppliers in the United States must sell equipment that meets federal safety standards. You can rest assured that you are buying pieces that are safety-rated. 

Industrial hardware suppliers will often do their own work to vet the hardware they import internationally to ensure it is made up to standards. Often, it is the supplier’s liability insurance that will cover any claims if a customer receives defective hardware. 

Finally, working with a Korean hardware supplier is a great way to learn more about the products compared to other options. For instance, at Elite Sales, our team has extensive knowledge regarding all of our industrial hardware equipment supplies. They can explain the pros and cons of each brand or design to help customers find the exact pieces that meet their project’s requirements. 


Korean hardware is certainly an option to consider if you are looking for top-quality industrial pieces to fit into a smaller budget. The quality of Korean hardware is on-par with other highly-rated brands and manufacturers. So, if you are looking for long-lasting, durable pieces like wire rope clips, spelter sockets, master links, or turnbuckles, you should consider buying from a Korean hardware distributor.

Elite Sales is proud to carry a vast selection of top-rated Korean hardware for industrial and construction applications. All of our equipment is tested to meet safety specifications. We offer affordable minimums with same day shipping, making it possible for both small and large businesses to stay within their budgets. 

If you have any further questions regarding Korean hardware or you want to learn more about Elite Sales, contact us today