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Elite Sales, Inc. offers its brand of products to help its customers compete successfully in their respective markets. As a company, we pride ourselves on our commitment to supply only as a wholesale cable distributor .

We offer products to distributors in industries ranging from commercial fishing and cargo transportation to agriculture and construction. Our customer base includes cable manufacturers, regional distributors, industry-specific supply providers, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Elitw Sales Inc Wire Rope Distributors

Our products

We offer our brand of products to help our clients compete successfully in their respective markets.

At Elite Sales, we carry an impressive selection of the strongest and most reliable galvanized wire rope. Read on to learn more about the benefits of working with quality cable in any industry, and find out why Elite Sales is above the rest.

Elite Sales offers a wide range of options for every application, from airline cable to charging cable. Industrial cables are specially designed to offer flexibility, extreme strength and resistance to abrasions.

Elite sales is a manufacturer of standard and custom industrial hardware made of stainless steel. Various products include bolts, hooks, nuts, chains, clips, and shackles. Available in various sizes.

Elite Sales is the best option for companies looking for high quality, strong and durable chains. With various chain grade options, we are a leading chain importer, supplying high test chains to countless industries.

As the premier supplier of Filaments, Elite Sales has a large inventory for immediate shipment to any location. We have clear, galvanized and stainless steel materials. From the smallest wires to large diameter cables.

Korean Hardware offers a high-quality alternative to Chinese Galvanized Hardware, Stainless Steel Cable Hardware, and all of your rigging hardware needs. Korean stainless steel hardware is available through Elite Sales in a variety of options.

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    Watch the video below and take a tour of our facilities.

    Take advantage of our $ 20 million inventory to buy only when you need it.
    Over 100 years of combined industry experience
    Serve your customer better by always getting what they need
    The best quality products and the best prices.
    Three distribution locations to meet all your needs.
    Diverse line of everything you need. Single window.
    Affordable minimums, we serve large and small businesses.
    Same day shipping
    $ 20 million product liability insurance backup
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