Bolt Type Anchor Shackle

Bolt Type Anchor Shackle

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Drop Forged, Hot Dipped Galvanized
To the Federal Specification RR-C-271F Type IVA, Grade A, Class 3

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Bolt type anchor shackles (also called bow shackles) are used for side-loading or multiple sling-leg connections. They are often used for lifting or rigging applications. Anchor shackles offer added security through a combination of a nut and a bolt to secure the pin in place.

Bolt type anchor shackles can be rotated and moved without compromising the security of the pin, making it best for semi-permanent or long-term attachments that may require movement.

This bolt type anchor shackle is made of drop forged and hot-dipped galvanized carbon steel, which increases its strength while also protecting the shackle from corrosion and abrasion.

Each anchor shackle sold by Elite Sales meets Federal Specification RR-C-271F and is available in Type IVA, Grade A, Class 3.

If you need to purchase bolt type anchor shackles in multiple sizes, look no further than Elite Sales. We offer numerous dimensions and shackle sizes, ranging from 5/16” to 3” with a maximum working load limit of 85 tons. Get in touch today!

Nominal Shackle Size (in)Weight Per Piece in LBSWorking Load Limit (tons)A (in.)B (in.)C (in.)D (in.)E (in.)F (in.)H (in.)L (in.)N (in.)Part No.
5/81.683 1/41.060.772.380.631.691.54.192.940.69HG58BTAS
3/42.724 3/41.250.892.810.7521.814.973.50.81HG34BTAS
7/83.956 1/21.441.023.310.882.282.095.834.030.97HG78BTAS
15.668 1/21.691.153.7512.692.386.564.691.06HG1BTAS
1 1/88.279 1/21.811.
1 1/411.71122.031.44.691.293.2538.255.751.38HG114BTAS
1 3/815.8313 1/22.251.535.251.423.633.319.166.381.5HG138BTAS
1 1/219172.381.665.751.533.883.63106.881.62HG112BTAS
1 3/433.91252.882.0471.8454.1912.348.82.25HG134BTAS
2 1/298.25554.132.810.52.717.255.6917.912.753.13HG212BTAS
Hot dip galvanized forged steel.
Drop Forged, Carbon Steel, Heat Treated,
Quenched and tempered, with alloy pin.