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Korean Hardware - High Quality Without The High Cost

Elite Sales is the preferred Korean hardware distributor for a good reason.

As a leading Korean hardware supplier, we know that when you’re working in a harsh or dangerous environment such as an oil field or marine job, nothing matters more than safety. This is where having access to high-quality Korean hardware supply can pay off.

You should never skimp on the quality of the rigging hardware. Top-of-the-line stainless steel hardware or Hot Dip Galvanized Steel hardware is the professional’s choice because they stand up to the demands of even the heaviest loads. Korean hardware offers a high-quality alternative to Chinese galvanized hardware, stainless steel cable hardware, and all your rigging hardware needs.

Korean hardware helps you keep job costs low and quality and safety standards very high. Stainless steel hardware from Korea is available via Elite Sales in a variety of options.

If you’re looking for a reliable Korean hardware wholesaler, Elite Sales Inc. is the right choice. Check out the options and specifications available in Korean hardware below:

FAQs About Korean Hardware Supplies

Q1. How Is Korean Hardware Better Than Chinese Hardware?

One of the key advantages offered by Korean hardware equipment is their finish, i.e., stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanized. This works better compared to the traditional galvanized finish.

Each Korean hardware is dipped in molten zinc to give it a thin, protective layer, creating a stronger bond that doesn’t break even under the toughest conditions and the highest amounts of friction.

Korean hardware equipment is highly resilient and durable. Further, the material is rust-resistant, which makes it perfect for marine or outdoor applications.

Korean hardware equipment is also more affordable compared to Chinese products, without compromising quality.

Q2. Which Types of Korean Hardware Does Elite Sales Inc. Deal In?

You can easily buy the following Korean hardware equipment from us:

  • Korean Wire Rope Clips
  • Korean Oblong Master Links
  • Korean Hawser Thimbles
  • Korean Eye and Eye Turnbuckles
  • Korean Hook and Eye Turnbuckle
  • Korean Hook and Hook Turnbuckle
  • Korean Jaw and Eye Turnbuckles
  • Korean Jaw and Jaw Turnbuckles
  • Korean Screw Pin Anchor Shackle
  • Korean Open Spelter Sockets
  • Korean Closed Spelter Sockets

Q3. Is Korean Hardware Costlier than Local Hardware?

South Korea is the fifth-largest crude steel producer in the world. This helps keep the manufacturing cost of Korean hardware equipment on the lower side compared to products from countries like China, Japan, and Indonesia.

Moreover, Korean hardware is imported into the United States without any tariffs, merchandise processing fees, and taxes. Hence, their products turn out to be cheaper.

It’s important that you buy Korean hardware equipment from a verified local Korean hardware distributor (instead of international distributors who force you to place extremely large orders) as it can be more financially viable, especially for small businesses/projects.  

Q4. In Which Location Does Elite Sales Inc. Supply Korean Hardware?

You can buy Korean hardware equipment from any of our locations in Miami, Tampa, Houston, and Dyer. Our strategically located warehouses allow us to serve clients throughout America.

We’re headquartered out of Miami and have been serving this area since 1973. Our 70,000-square-foot warehouse in Tampa is a state-of-the-art facility in itself. The Houston facility boasts 200,000 square feet of warehouse space, whereas our Dyer facility is conveniently located for many local customers and suppliers.

Buy High-Quality Korean Hardware from Elite Sales Inc.

When it comes to buying Korean hardware equipment, Elite Sales Inc. is your trusted supplier. Our team members use their experience and knowledge to help customers find the hardware supplies they need.

We offer high-quality, yet affordable Korean hardware equipment for industrial and construction applications that is on-par with other top brands and manufacturers.

If you’re looking for a bankable local Korean hardware supplier and wholesaler, your search will end at Elite Sales Inc. Contact us today to take advantage of our affordable minimums with same-day shipping.