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Buy Korean Hook and Hook Turnbuckles |Elite Sales Inc. rolex milgauss replica

Korean Hook and Hook Turnbuckle

Hook & Hook Turnbuckles

Drop Forged, Hot Dipped Galvanized

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Thread Dia & Take Up (in) WLL (lbs)Weight Per Piece in LBSA (in)B (in)C Closed (in)D open (in)E Closed (in)F (in)G (in) Part No.
1/4 x 44000.30.250.451.5911.947.941.274HG14X4HHK
5/16 x 4 1/27000.470.310.51.9413.819.311.54.5HG516X412HHK
3/8 x 610000.750.380.562.317.7211.721.776HG38X6HHK
1/2 x 615001.60.50.662.9419.3813.382.286HG12X6HHK
1/2 x 915001.830.50.662.9425.3816.382.289HG12X9HHK
1/2 x 1215002.080.50.662.9431.3819.382.2812HG12X12HHK
5/8 x 622502.750.630.843.6921.2515.252.816HG58X6HHK
5/8 x 922503.130.630.843.6927.2518.252.819HG58X9HHK
5/8 x 1222503.50.630.843.6933.2521.252.8112HG58X12HHK
3/4 x 630003.890.750.984.5223.2817.283.336HG34X6HHK
3/4 x 930004.610.750.984.5229.2820.283.339HG34X9HHK
3/4 x 1230005.430.750.984.5235.2823.283.3312HG34X12HHK
7/8 x 1240008.10.881.135.1937253.7812HG78X12HHK
7/8 x 1840009.950.881.135.1949313.7818HG78X18HHK
1 x 650009.3311.255.8426.6920.694.256HG1X6HHK
1 x 12500011.9311.255.8438.6926.694.2512HG1X12HHK