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Industrial steel strands are an essential piece of equipment used for reinforcement with concrete structures. These strong strands are also commonly used for overhead crane beams and large-span bridges. To safely hold these heavy pieces in place, industrial strands must be made of extremely resilient steel wires for long-lasting strength and durability. 

Elite Sales is an industrial strands supplier that offers only the best of the best with highly-rated steel strands available in a range of sizes and types. All of our equipment meets or exceeds strict industry standards for heavy-duty strength you can rely on. 

We offer both galvanized steel and stainless-steel strands in a range of sizes to meet any weight load requirement. We also carry a variety of additional hardware pieces, lifting accessories, and additional equipment that can be used in conjunction with industrial strands for any upcoming project or task.


Our Industrial Strands Options

Elite Sales offers industrial strands in two-strand styles: 1 X 7 and 1 X 19.

1 X 7 industrial strands are designed with an internal core surrounded by six strands. This results in a stiffer, highly durable strand with minimal elasticity. This strand type is best used to create tensions or for structural bracing. 

Available from Elite Sales in a hot-dipped galvanized finishing, left regular lay, and Extra High Strength Grade. 

1 X 19 industrial strands have three layers: one central code, six interior strands, and twelve exterior strands. This creates a more flexible strand that can be bent and moved without breaking. This strand type is often used in standing rigging applications and for structural support. 

You can purchase this industrial strand from Elite Sales in stainless steel with a left regular lay design.

Elite Sales Inc – Reliable Industrial Strands Supplier

Finding an industrial steel strands supplier you can rely on can be tough – but it doesn’t have to be. You can trust Elite Sales to provide you with more than just great products. We give expert advice on the exact style, size, and type of industrial strands you need for your business. Elite Sales is a highly regarded industrial strands supplier in the Florida, Texas, and Indiana areas. We provide nation-wide shipping as well as local pick up accommodations for our Tampa, Houston, and Dyer, Indiana warehouse locations. 

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