Ratchet Strap Assembly


Ratchet Strap Assembly

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Long & Wide Steel Handle Ratchet with Hooks on both ends

Ratchet strap assemblies are used to provide temporary attachments for various applications, including:

  • Towing and distribution trailers
  • Transport
  • Cargo tie-downs

A tightly-woven nylon strap is threaded through a steel handle ratchet, which is cranked to tighten the strap and provide sturdy, safe securement. The ratchet strap can be easily released by pushing the tab down.

Elite Sales offers ratchet strap assemblies in varying sizes with both J-hooks and flat hooks available on the ends in 27’ lengths, and flat hooks in 30’ length. These hooks are designed for secure but temporary attachment for versatile applications.

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Webbing DiameterWebbing LengthBreak Strength in LBSEndsWeight per Assembly in LBSPart No.
2"27'10,000J- Hooks6.38RA2X27JHDRL
2"27'10,000Flat Hook6.6RA2X27FHDRL
4"30'20,000Flat Hook15.32RA4X30FH