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Wire rope is one of the strongest forms of “rope” derived from tightly twisted strands of metal. As a component, it is of tremendous value in machinery or structural design: Unlike linked chains, stainless steel wire rope maintains its integrity in the unlikely event of a “weak link,” where all other strands combined can share the load. At Elite Sales, we carry an impressive selection of the strongest, most reliable galvanized wire rope. Read on to learn more about the benefits of working with quality wire rope in any industry, and find out why Elite Sales stands above the rest.

The Mechanics Behind Wire Rope Strength

Wire rope, also commonly referred to as cable, consists of three key elements that give it its unmatched strength and security:

  • Wires. At the most basic level is the wire itself. The individual wires on their own do not amount to much in terms of capacity, but taken as a whole can distribute weight in an incredibly efficient manner.
  • Strands. The strands of a wire rope are created by laying the wires helically around the wire rope’s core. Strands are wrapped incredibly tight for maximum strength and cohesion.
  • Core. At the center of the wire rope is a core, which provides proper support for the strands. When it comes to core, there are three main options:
    • Fiber Core (FC) — Usually polypropylene, sometimes hemp and sisal
    • Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC)
    • Wire Strand Core (WSC) — Both this core and IWRC are sometimes referred to as steel wire core or steel center

Wire rope is in the cable family in terms of functionality. It is used in countless applications, including construction, fabrication, distribution and more. Elite Sales works across several industries and can help you make the best selection.

Options Available

Elite Sales offers a wide range of options for wire rope. Wire rope capacity can be adjusted based on your individual applications. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Material. Steel grades in wide use today are improved plow steel (IPS) or extra improved plow steel (EIPS); Stainless steel grades 302/304 and 316 are most common.
  • Construction. This refers to the number of strands used, with different constructions better suited for different applications.
  • Patterns and Lay. Wires and strands can be configured for different functionality.
  • Performance. This highly recommended process ensures strands and wires do not un-lay.
  • Finish. You have the option of coated or galvanized, depending on your need for corrosion resistance. Other finishes include plastic.
  • Lubrication. The kind and amount of lubrication depends on the rope’s size, type and use.

Choose Elite Sales for Wire Rope

Elite Sales is a highly regarded business partner when it comes to quality wire rope and other related hardware such as wire rope clamps. Our knowledgeable team has earned a solid reputation for helping countless industries with their wire rope needs — including commercial fishing, cargo transport, agriculture, construction and more.

Contact an Elite Sales representative today to learn more about the options available.

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