Industrial Chains Supplier

Industrial chains are a crucial piece of hardware that needs to be incredibly strong and durable. Whether you require chains for overhead lifting applications, load securement, or other heavy-duty tasks, you need to trust that you are using reliable chains that won’t break.

Purchasing industrial chains is a significant investment. Hence, it’s vital to ensure you get the right industrial chain supplier for your business. If your distributor isn’t able to provide high-quality products, you will struggle to meet deadlines and produce goods that meet your customer’s expectations. You even risk jeopardizing your workers’ lives.

Wholesalers like Elite Sales Inc. are fully aware of different industry safety mandates. As a result, they strive to offer clients sturdy, dependable industrial equipment to maximize their business operations. No compromises with quality here!

At Elite Sales, we offer a wide variety of top-rated, high-quality industrial chains in various chain grade options and link designs. We work with each of our clients to understand their needs and determine the most effective chain to get the job done. Our purpose is simple: to help you achieve your lifting goals without breaking a sweat!

Reliable Industrial Chain Supplier

When it comes to choosing an industrial chain distributor, you may come across an overwhelming number of options. However, not all suppliers are cut from the same cloth. A reliable industrial chain wholesaler will:

  • Provide you will all the expert advice and post-installation support you need.
  • Stick to best practices
  • Demonstrate considerable expertise by organizing their industry know-how or tapping into previous experiences
  • Devise a suitable solution for potential roadblocks
  • Maintain a transparent line of communication with your team
  • Keep up with changing safety requirements

Finding a reliable, trustworthy industrial chain supplier is essential to ensure projects get completed in a timely manner. Elite Sales stands out from other suppliers thanks to our expert team members who can answer any questions and point you in the right direction.

We carry a vast selection of wholesales high-performance industrial chains that are built for heavy-duty work. No matter what size, what type, or how much you need, you can rely on Elite Sales to provide you with the best of the best.

At Elite Sales, our team is well versed in the manufacturing process and will offer you expert advice for the task at hand. With us, you get more than just an industrial chain wholesaler– you team up with a company eager to go the distance!

Industrial Chains without Weak Links

We carry a selection of industrial chain options including alloy chains, proof coil chains, and stainless steel chains to meet every client’s specific requirements:

Alloy Steel Chain: Alloy chains are extremely strong and ideal for lifting high objects; Available in a black lacquer finish and Grade 80 strength. Manufactured to NACM specifications.

G-4 Windlass Chain: This Grade 43 high test chain is ideal for marine equipment. The G-4 Windlass chain comes in both stainless steel and hot-dipped galvanized finishing and is available in multiple sizes and capacities.

Grade 30 Proof Coil Chain: A popular choice for general use, including tie-downs, towing, logging, and barriers. Designed in a long link style and available in self-colored, zinc plated, and hot galvanized.

High Strength Grade 43: This extremely durable Grade 43 industrial chain is ideal for load binding, towing, hauling, and construction. Its long-lasting strength makes it a great choice as a marine or agricultural chain.

Grade 43 Hight Test Boomer/Binding Chains: If you require heavy-duty, extremely strong chains for logging, binding, or towing, consider this Grade 43 chain. High test boomer (also called binding) chains attach to two Clevis grab hooks for secure attachment.

Stainless Steel Chain: This Grade 43 chain is made from stainless steel and is naturally corrosion-resistant and extremely strong. Available in both types 304 and 316.

Transport 70: The next grade up from Grade 43, Transport Grade 70 chains are rated for heavier loads, tie-downs, and load chains. Available in a yellow zinc chromate finish.

Grade 80 Alloy Chain: This heavy-duty alloy chain meets NACM specifications for overhead lifting, as well as towing or heavy lifting. Comes in a black lacquer finish.

Grade 100: One of the strongest options available, this extremely durable chain is effective as a chain hoist and aerial lift.

We understand how important it is to have chains without weak links. Industrial chains are used to lift considerably heavy loads. Any bends, nicks, cuts, nicks, or gouges can compromise the strength of the chain, leading to falling accidents. Needless to say, this can have serious repercussions on your project.

Consequently, we closely inspect each product in our inventory to identify and eliminate problems before shipping to our clients. By doing this, we ensure you can conduct safe lifting operations without worrying about formidable lifting catastrophes. We put your safety first, every step of the way.

So, if you’re looking for a trustworthy industrial chains wholesaler, you know who to call!

Choose Elite Sales as Your Industrial Chains Supplier

An industrial chain supplier plays a vital role in lifting operations. Choose the right one, and you have a greater shot at success. On the other hand, an unreliable industrial chain wholesaler can throw your entire project off balance. What’s worse, they can also pave the way for dangerous, potentially life-threatening accidents.

You need a supplier who understands your requirements and strives to fit them to a tee. Additionally, they should be able to harness their professional expertise to suggest improvements. A supplier worth their weight in gold won’t stop at furnishing you with quality, high-grade equipment. Instead, they will work with you to assess your needs and recommend the best tools for the job.

As a leading industrial chain supplier, we know the importance of providing our customers with a variety of sizes and strength ratings. Our wholesale industrial chain selection is suitable for numerous industries and applications – and we offer only the most highly-rated products which are durable enough to withstand heavy use.

Elite Sales is the premier industrial chain supplier in Florida, Texas, and Indiana – with distribution locations in Tampa, Houston, and the outer Chicago areas. You can reach out to our team of experts to place an order for delivery or local pick up at your convenience.