Grade 80 Alloy Chain

Grade 80 Alloy Chain

Buy Grade 80 Alloy Chain

Grade 80 alloy chains are designed to offer superior tensile strength for overhead lifting applications. The alloy mixture of metals makes it lower weight than other types of chains while also making it more rugged and durable.

The grade 80 alloy chain is available with a black lacquer finish to protect the links from scratches and wear. All chains offered from Elite Sales are manufactured to meet NACM specifications.

You can purchase grade 90 alloy chains in 9/32” to 1” diameters with a minimum breaking load of 190,800 lbs. and a maximum working load limit of up to 47,700 lbs. Each diameter is also available to be purchased in drums.

If you have any further questions regarding grade 80 alloy chains and are looking for a trustworthy supplier, look no further than Elite Sales. Our experienced team can help you find the exact chain you need for any type of application – and you can trust that you are purchasing the highest quality supplies available.

Nominal Chain Size in.Nominal Chain Size mmMaterial Diameter in.Material Diameter mmWorking Load Limit lbsProof Load Test lbsMinimum Breaking Load lbsInside Length (MAX.) in.Inside Length (MAX.) mmInside Width Range in.Inside Width Range mmWeight Per Foot lbs
9/327.00.27673,5007,00014,0000.922.90.375 - 0.4309.53 - 10.920.71
5/168.00.31584,5009,00018,0001.0426.40.430 - 0.50010.92 - 12.700.92
3/810.00.394107,10014,20028,4001.26320.512 - 0.60013.00 - 15.201.44
1/213.00.5121312,00024,00048,0001.6441.60.688 - 0.76817.48 - 19.502.36
5/816.00.631618,10036,20072,4002.0251.20.812 - 0.94520.63 - 24.003.76
3/420.00.7872028,30056,600113,2002.52640.984 - 1.18025.00 - 30.005.5
7/822.00.8662234,20068,400136,8002.7770.41.080 - 1.30027.50 - 33.007.12
126.01.0202647,70095,400190,8003.2883.21.280 - 1.540 32.50 - 39.009.65
SizeWorking Load Limit lbs.Feet Per Drum ft.Minimum Weight Per FootPart No.
Black Laquer Finish
All chains manufactured to NACM specifications