Industrial Wire Rope

Wire rope – also known as industrial cable – is a crucial piece of hardware that provides tremendous value in machinery and structural design. Stainless steel wire ropes are made of tightly twisted strands of metal to form a woven-like texture that is extremely strong and durable. 

At Elite Sales, we carry an impressive selection of high-quality wire rope strands that meet strict durability and strength rating standards.

Industrial Wire Rope

To accommodate for heavier weights and more heavy-duty applications, industrial wire ropes are available in different designs. Some of the most important elements to consider when purchasing wire rope for sale are:

Elite Sales offers a wide range of options for wire rope. Wire rope capacity can be adjusted based on your individual applications. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Material. Steel grades in wide use today are improved plow steel (IPS) or extra improved plow steel (EIPS); Stainless steel grades 302/304 and 316 are most common.
  • Construction. This refers to the number of strands used, with different constructions better suited for different applications.
  • Patterns and Lay. Wires and strands can be configured for different functionality.
  • Performance. This highly recommended process ensures strands and wires do not un-lay.
  • Finish. You have the option of coated or galvanized, depending on your need for corrosion resistance. Other finishes include plastic.
  • Lubrication. The kind and amount of lubrication depends on the rope’s size, type and use.

As a well-renowned wire rope supplier, Elite Sales is proud to carry a vast selection of styles to meet any industry’s needs and requirements.

The Mechanics Behind Wire Rope Strength

Industrial wire rope or cables are comprised of three key elements which all serve to support the rope’s strength and durability. It is important to understand the purpose of each of these components and the options available. 

  • Wires: The most basic element of the wire rope are the individual wires used to form the cable. The thicker the diameter of the wire, the stronger it is, while thinner wires are more flexible.
  • Strands: A combination of multiple wires that are woven together form a strand. These strands are wrapped tightly together to maximize their strength and prevent uneven wear or breakage. 
  • Core: Industrial wire ropes have a central core which supports the surrounding strands. There are three different core types:
    • Fiber Core (FC) which can be made of natural or synthetic fibers that gives the wire rope some elasticity. However, it is not extremely strong nor is it optimal for high heat.
    • Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC) is made from steel wires to provide exceptionally strong support. 
    • Wire Strand Core (WSC) consists of a singular wire strand which the other wires are wrapped around. This provides added stability while providing flexibility in the wire rope.

Our Wire Rope Products

Different styles and designs of wire ropes are made for specific purposes. 

Industrial wire rope capacity and length can be adjusted based on your individual applications. Elite Sales offers a wide range of options for wire rope to consider:

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