Compacted 19×19 Rotation Resistant Wire Rope

Compacted 19X19 Bright Rotation Resistant Wire Rope

Buy Bright Compacted 19X19 Rotation Resistant Wire Rope

Right Regular Lay, E.E.I.P.S. Grade Compacted with C-Lube To Federal Speceification RR-W-410 & ASTM A1023/1023W

This 19X19 bright wire rope is compacted during construction, meaning that the wires are put under pressure to reduce the space between strands. This provides numerous advantages, including:

  • Greater flexibility
  • Higher breaking strength
  • Larger surface area contact
  • Higher abrasion and corrosion resistance

This rope is made bright, so it has no exterior coating. This also increases its strength and durability, making this industrial wire rope the premier choice for heavy-duty applications for lifting, construction, securement, and numerous other applications.

Rotation resistant rope is constructed to reduce the ropes tendency of spinning while under load by twisting the inner layers in the opposite direction of the exterior layer. This makes it much safer to use in lifting equipment.

This 19X19 bright rotation resistant wire rope also features:

  • Right Regular Lay
  • EEIPS (Extra Extra Improved Plowed Steel) Grade
  • Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC)
  • Compacted with C-Lube
  • Federal Specifications RR-W-410 and ASTM A1023/1023W
  • Maximum Breaking Strength of 87.9 Tons

Want to learn more about rotation resistant wire rope or need help finding the length and diameter for your project? Reach out to Elite Sales for help and advice.

Diameter in InchesConstructionWeight Per Foot in PoundsBreaking Strength in Tons