Grade 43 High Test Chain

Grade 43 High Test Chain

Buy Grade 43 High Test Chain

Grade 43 high test chains are commonly used for extremely heavy-duty applications, as it is constructed for exceptional strength. High test chains are designed for applications in:

  • Load binding
  • Towing
  • Logging
  • Construction
  • Hauling

Grade 43 high test chain is extremely strong and durable as it is made of welded steel and has a maximum working load limit of 20,000 lbs. and a minimum breaking load of 60,600 lbs.

You can purchase grade 43 high test chains in sizes ranging from ¼” to ¾” in diameter.

Grade 43 high test chains are available in both self-colored and hot galvanized finishes.

Self-colored have no plating or finish, which hot galvanized chains are coated in zinc for extra protection and durability. Self-colored high test chains are stronger and have a higher breaking strength than galvanized chains.

Elite Sales offers full drums and half drums of self-colored and hot galvanized high test chains for bulk orders. Please reach out to our sales team to place an order today.

Nominal Chain Size in.Nominal Chain Size mmMaterial Diameter in.Material Diameter mmWorking Load Limit lbsProof Load Test lbsMinimum Breaking Load lbsInside Length (MAX.) in.Inside Length (MAX.) mmInside Width (MIN.) in.Inside Width (MIN.) mmWeight Per Foot lbs
Size in.Working Load Limit lbs.Length Per Drum ft.Length Per Half Drum ft.Weight Per Foot lbs.Self Colored Full DrumsSelf Colored Half DrumsHot Galvanized Full Drums