All Buyers of industrial chains should exercise caution.

Elite Sales Inc recently initiated business with Force Chain, based in Turkey, for Grade 80 Alloy Chain. When the containers arrived, we discovered the chain was stamped Grade 70 instead of Grade 80 (pictures are below). We explained the error to Force Chain and received an immediate apology and a promise to rectify the situation.

We inquired whether they would accept the return and reimburse us for the material. After several emails, they offered a discount and requested that we sell the chain as Grade 70 instead. We declined this proposal because we knew and respected the regulations, laws, and our customers. Elite Sales Inc understands that mistakes occur. We are only mere humans. Promising to re-pay us and insulting our company baselessly is highly unprofessional. This is not how business should be conducted.

Fast forward many months and e-mails, and we have still not been reimbursed by Force Chain despite promises. All the supporting evidence is below. After numerous professional requests to be reimbursed the Chairman of the Company insulted our company baselessly and again promised to repay. The repayment date has come and gone.

I urge you to spread the word and help fellow chain importers worldwide. If you have any questions or want to share your experience, please contact Randy Gonzalez Jr. at

Unfortunately, our next step is legal action. We want to prevent fellow prospective customers of Force Chain from going through the hardships we have encountered with them.