If used improperly, industrial hardware can lead to potentially dangerous situations. Alarmingly, over 13 million fatal and nonfatal injuries are reported within the manufacturing sector every year. These are commonly attributed to using unsafe equipment, which is why using ISO 9001 certified industrial hardware is so important.

To ensure that workplaces are safe and that manufacturers are truthful regarding product claims, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has set regulations to ensure that products and technology meet standards for consumer use. This applies to all types of industries, such as biotech, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and construction.

You may even notice that some industrial hardware suppliers state they are ISO 9001 certified. They may have an icon listed on their website or product catalog which states the year of certification.

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But, you may have a few questions, such as: What is ISO 9001 certification? How does it apply to buying hardware equipment? And why is it so important to buy ISO 9001 certified industrial hardware?

1. What is ISO 9001 Certification and QMS?

The primary purpose of ISO 9001 certification is to create a framework to ensure QMS (quality management systems). QMS creates a framework that helps manufacturers to meet requirements and expectations in an efficient matter. It in turn helps to protect consumers and stakeholders and hold organizations accountable for product quality and customer satisfaction.

These essentially lay out the principles for organizations to follow to establish QMS to follow set standards and regulations. There are several quality principles that ISO 9001 provides:

  • The Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle: Putting systems and processes in place for constant improvement and progression.
  • Risk-Based Approach and Context: Acknowledging the priorities of the organization and its stakeholders while weighing the risks associated with change.
  • Leadership Participation: Holding leaders accountable for communicating and demonstrating QMS.
  • Unified High-Level Structure: Following a cohesive structure for management system standards.
  • Documentation: Closely and carefully documenting processes, information, and changes.
  • Evidence-Based Decision Making: Basing changes and decisions on evidence and facts, rather than opinions, to ensure efficiency and improvement.
  • Relationship Management: Organizations must choose vendors, partners, and suppliers that also adhere to quality standards.

Industrial hardware suppliers can achieve ISO 9001 certification through independent, third-party organizations. This ensures that the industrial hardware sold by the wholesaler meets the strict ISO requirements for quality management.
ISO 9001 certification is intended to increase quality while also lowering costs and supporting efficiency within the company. It also creates a sense of trust in the consumer to ensure that the product meets set standards.

2. The Importance of ISO 9001 Certified Industrial Hardware

Since so many accidents in the workplace are related to equipment misuse or malfunction, employers should be doing all they can to protect their employees. Using an industrial hardware supplier who is ISO 9001 certified is one way to ensure equipment quality. This will ensure that all pieces of equipment meet set standards to create a safer workplace.

Another reason ISO certification is important for industrial hardware is to ensure consistency amongst manufacturers across state lines. A product that is made in Florida is going to be the same quality as one made in Washington if it is from the same manufacturer. This is useful, as many industrial hardware suppliers have multiple locations throughout the country.

Using an ISO-certified supplier for your industrial hardware equipment also means that you will have higher-quality supplies. This can help when it comes to passing inspections, as higher quality materials ensure that the hardware will last longer.

So, how can you tell if an industrial hardware supplier is ISO certified? First, check out their website certifications. These are often listed on the home page or an affiliations tab. You can also ask the organization directly and ask for a copy of their registration certificate. Remember, the affiliation comes from an independent third-party – so check into the validity of their accreditation if you are unsure.

3. Other Things to Consider when Purchasing Industrial Hardware

Apart from ISO certification, there are other aspects to consider when selecting an industrial hardware supplier and equipment. Choosing a wholesaler that only offers top-quality products should be your main concern. Further, you will want to work with a supplier that carries a variety of hardware options to meet your needs.

Take buying wire rope as an example. Many aspects and specifications must be provided based on the intended purpose. This includes the material of the rope, steel grade, construction, finish, and lubrication. Ordering from an ISO 9001 certified supplier guarantees that all of their hardware options meet specific quality standards.

Finding a reliable industrial hardware supplier is also crucial. You want a wholesaler that not only offers fair prices but also has great customer service and convenient delivery options. You’ll need to take factors like order minimums and shipping ranges into consideration.

It’s also wise to choose a supplier that offers product liability insurance regardless of their certification. If for some reason the product is defective or damaged and meets situational requirements, product liability insurance will provide a replacement or payout.

In some cases, a supplier who is ISO 9001 certified may have more expensive inventory than other sellers. This is often a reflection of the higher quality materials and processes used to adhere to ISO requirements. Remember that the expense of frequently replacing low-quality hardware may be higher than buying high-quality merchandise in the first place. Investing in hardware that meets high standards of quality can save money in the long run.

The Wrap Up

Quality and safety should always be the primary concern when it comes to purchasing industrial hardware. There is no reason to cut corners to save a few dollars – so buying from a supplier who is ISO 9001 certified is always worth it.

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