Construction projects are notorious for running over their deadlines and their budgets. A study from the International Journal of Innovation measured project completion rates over 70 years. They found that most projects took at least 20% longer to complete than originally expected. Further, 85% were at least 25% more expensive than planned!

There are numerous causes for these delays and budget overages; however, one common culprit is issues with project industrial hardware supply. If your team does not have the necessary amount of supplies or the right types on hand, it can bring productivity to a screeching halt. 

Elite Sales has operated as an industrial hardware distributor for many years. Our team has delivered necessary supplies to thousands of construction sites – plus, many of our employees have helped to manage projects in the past. So, we thought we would share pieces of advice to help leaders manage their hardware supplies more effectively for timely completion. 

Here are some of our expert’s best tips for keeping construction projects on time through efficient hardware management. 

 Clarify Your Project’s Goals 

 A well-thought-out plan will always ensure that a project runs more smoothly. Sadly, many construction managers attempt to run their projects by staying just one or two steps ahead. They will wait until the supply is running low or they are just about ready for the next phase before placing an order. 

However, this can cause major issues for several reasons. Some industrial hardware distributors run into shipping delays or stocking issues. Say that you need to order 2,000 feet of industrial cable for the next phase of your project. Sadly, the distributor is running low on supply and cannot fulfill the order for two more weeks. This means production will have to stop or you’ll have to scramble and find another supplier.

So, the very first step to take is to plan out your proposed schedule ahead of time and give yourself leeway for order fulfillment. Clarify your project’s timeline based on each phase, from demolition to completion. Then list out the exact industrial hardware supplies that will be needed for each step, in addition to the building materials. 

Next, create a schedule for when you will need to submit orders to your industrial hardware distributor to receive your order either on time or even a few days in advance. This will give you some wiggle room in case there are any delays in fulfillment. 

Create Systems for Collaboration 

 Optimizing productivity between teams and departments is one of the leading reasons construction projects run past due dates. According to a report from Autodesk and FMI, over one-fourth of construction manager’s day is wasted on activities that are counter-productive such as:

  • Looking for necessary project information or data
  • Dealing with project mistakes
  • Conflict resolution
  • Waiting for communication and responses from other teams

Further, 60% of contractors agree that there were serious communication and coordination issues between managers. This directly leads to productivity issues across the entire project, delaying completion even further. 

You need to work together with your other departments to make construction supply chain management a success. Using tools that help you integrate the teams will help to improve communication and planning. 

Digital systems are truly the best solution here. There are systems designed specifically for construction projects so teams can share resources digitally and communicate quickly about hardware needs. Say that one team is running low on supply. Rather than sending an email that could get lost or trying to catch a busy manager on the phone, they can submit a request through the digital platform. 

 Find an Industrial Hardware Supplier that Meets Your Needs 

Whether you intend to order all your supplies at once or as the project goes on, you need a distributor who can give you what you need when you need it. It is highly recommended that you find an industrial hardware supplier that provides a wide range of items that meet all of your needs rather than jumping around to different distributors. 

There are several reasons for this. First, this allows you to place bulk orders which can cut down costs. It also ensures consistency across all of your hardware that is used for the project, so everything looks and functions the same way.

Second, building a relationship with your industrial hardware distributor can ensure better experiences. Suppliers want to keep their customers happy, especially if they’ve been loyal for a long time. You can rest assured that they will do everything possible to ensure a positive experience and resolve any issues with your orders.

Finally, by ordering from the same business every time, you will have a better idea of their order fulfillment timelines. Some distributors even offer local pickup for last-minute orders, so you can get your supply quickly as needed.  

 Know When to Save and When to Splurge 

 It sounds counter-intuitive, but spending more can help to save money on a construction project in the long run. Some materials are worth investing in a higher quality than others as they will last far longer and have fewer issues. This in turn will save time, ensuring that everything gets done as planned.

 For instance, construction project leaders are faced with the option of using galvanized industrial chains or stainless steel. Galvanized steel is far less expensive and could save a portion of the budget upfront. However, this material wears out faster and could rust if it gets wet. Stainless steel is naturally corrosion-resistant and more durable, so investing in this type of industrial chain may be the better choice. 

 Having a trustworthy industrial hardware supplier can help you in this instance, too. This gives you access to true experts who will advise you on which type of hardware is best for your applications. 


 There is certainly no way to guarantee that a construction project will get completed in a certain timeline. There are always unexpected issues that could delay productivity – just make sure that your industrial hardware supply isn’t one of them. 

 If you’re looking for a reliable distributor to fulfill your orders, give Elite Sales a try. We provide a wide range of top-quality hardware and have distribution centers across the country for fast order fulfillment. Contact our team today to learn more.