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Grade 80 Coupling Links

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Grade 80, Forged Alloy Steel
Also known as Hammerlocks

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Coupling links (also known as Hammerlocks) are used to attach hooks, chains, and other accessories onto the legs of a chain sling or to attach a master link to a chain sling. These are commonly used in overhead lifting applications and rigging as the coupling links are made of extremely durable Grade 80 forged alloy steel.

Coupling links are comprised of two U-shaped metal pieces which are connected through a pin, allowing them to move and rotate easily. This makes it exceptionally versatile and useful for applications where movement is necessary.

Elite Sales is proud to offer top-quality coupling links in sizes ranging from 9/32” to 1” in size, with working load limits between 3,500 lbs. to 52, 100 lbs. No matter what type of overhead lifting load or other application you intend to use them for, Elite Sales has the heavy-duty coupling links you need.

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Size (in)Working Load Limit LBSA (in)B (in)C (in)D (in)E (in)Weight Per Piece in lbs.Part No.
5/16 4,5000.370.441.020.980.890.55516G80CL
3/8 7,1000.470.441.261.060.980.7538G80CL
1/2 12,0000.610.591.381.261.181.512G80CL
5/8 18,1000.730.691.691.531.422.5558G80CL
3/4 28,3000.900.881.891.851.734.1534G80CL
7/8 34,2001.041.1322.161.935.7578G80CL
1 52,1001.241.262.362.62.368.61G80CL