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Galvanized Quick Rapid Links

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Electro Galvanized

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Quick links (or rapid links) are steel fasteners that are used to create points of connections. They are used for numerous types of applications, including:

  • Fast chain connections
  • Rigging
  • Tie Downs
  • Anchoring
  • Semi-permanent attachments

Rapid quick links are electro-galvanized, which is a process of coating the metal with zinc through electro-deposition. This means that an electric current is used to plate the steel with the zinc coating, creating a thinner, more even coat that is still highly protective. This helps to prevent rusting and corrosion on the quick rapid links, extending the life of the equipment – even with continuous use.

Elite Sales offers a wide variety of rapid quick link sizes from 1/8” to ½” with a maximum working load limit of 3,300 lbs.

Looking to purchase galvanized quick rapid links? Have any questions on what size you need for your specific application? Our knowledgeable staff at Elite Sales is here to help.

Size (in)Working Load Limit (LBS)A (in)B (in)C (in)D (in)Weight Per Piece in LBSPart No.
5/16 1,7600.382.940.692.310.18EG516RL
3/8 2,2000.443.190.692.440.24EG38RL
1/2 3,3000.564.250.943.250.53EG12RL