Grade 100 Alloy Clevis Grab Hooks with Cradle

Grade 100 Alloy Clevis Grab Hooks with Cradle

Grade 100 Clevis Grab Hook Cradle

in LBS
Load Limit
in LBS
A BCGHRMP(pin) X LPart
9/32" (1/4")0.974,3000.39"0.39"0.45"1.18"1.10"2.58"1.85"0.35" x 0.89"14G100CGH
5/16"0.975,7000.39"0.39"0.43"1.18"1.10"2.56"1.85"0.39" x 0.89"516G100CGH
3/8"2.128,8000.51"0.51"0.59"1.73"1.34"3.15"2.17"0.51" x 1.24"38G100CGH
1/2"4.6315,0000.67"0.67"0.69"2.09"1.85"4.15"3.19"0.63" x 1.65"12G100CGH
5/8"7.522,6000.75"0.75"0.72"2.52"2.36"4.40"3.62"0.83" x 2.03"58G100CGH
3/4"11.4835,3000.93"0.91"0.87"3.35"2.58"4.85"3.94"0.94" x 2.42"34G100CGH

**The only difference between the 9/32” & 5/16” hooks is the pin size.
Warning: Dimensions may vary

The Grade 100 Clevis grab hook cradle is made of extremely heavy-duty tempered alloy steel, which makes it extremely strong for lifting heavy weights. The cradle design has a narrow throat opening for non-slip handling of chain cradles or slings and can be attached to grade 100 chain for a secure hold. The open hook ending makes for easy reattachments for various overhead lifting applications.

Elite Sales offers the grade 100 clevis grab hook cradle in varying sizes from ¼” to 5/8” with a maximum working load limit of 22,600 lbs. to meet any overhead lifting requirements.

Elite Sales is proud to offer a wide variety of top-quality, industrial hardware products so you can buy Grade 100 Clevis grab hook cradles and all other related hardware items you need for your project.

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