Hook & Eye Turnbuckles

Hook & Eye Turnbuckles

Hook and Eye Turnbuckles

Drop Forged, Hot Dipped Galvanized To Federal Specification FF-T791, Type 1, Form 1, Class 6 & ASTM F-1145

Thread Dia & Take Up (in)Working Load Limit (lbs)Weight Per Piece in LBSA (in)B (in)C Closed (in)D Open (in)E Closed (in)F (in)G (in)H (in)K (in)P Closed (in)Part No.
1/4 x 44000.300.250.451.5911.947.941.2740.780.341.75HG14X4HE
5/16 x 4 1/27000.470.310.51.9413.819.311.54.50.940.442.09HG516X412HE
3/8 x 6 1,0000.750.380.562.317.7211.721.7761.120.532.52HG38X6HE
1/2 x 6 1,5001.600.50.662.9419.3813.382.2861.440.723.23HG12X6HE
1/2 x 9 1,5001.830.50.662.9425.3816.382.2891.440.723.23HG12X9HE
1/2 x 12 1,5002.080.50.662.9431.3819.382.28121.440.723.23HG12X12HE
5/8 x 6 2,2502.750.630.843.6921.2515.252.8161.750.883.9HG58X6HE
5/8 x 9 2,2503.130.630.843.6927.2518.252.8191.750.883.9HG58X9HE
5/8 x 12 2,2503.500.630.843.6933.2521.252.81121.750.883.9HG58X12HE
3/4 x 6 3,0003.890.750.984.5223.2817.283.3362.0914.69HG34X6HE
3/4 x 9 3,0004.610.750.984.5229.2820.283.3392.0914.69HG34X9HE
3/4 x 12 3,0005.430.750.984.5235.2823.283.33122.0914.69HG34X12HE
3/4 x 18 3,0007.250.750.984.5247.2829.283.33182.0914.69HG34X18HE
7/8 x 12 4,0008.100.881.135.1937253.78122.381.255.1HG78X12HE
1 x 6 5,0009.3311.255.8426.6920.694.25631.446.36HG1X6HE
1 x 12 5,00011.9311.255.8438.6926.694.251231.446.36HG1X12HE

Warning: Dimensions may vary

Turnbuckles are used in rigging assemblies to apply tension to wire ropes and cables as well as take up slack for a stronger, more secure hold. Hook and eye turnbuckles have a rounded eye on one end for a more permanent attachment to a hook, loop, or clip with a hook on the other for more temporary attachments.

Each hook and eye turnbuckle is drop forged for superior durability and hot dipped galvanized for abrasion and corrosion resistance. End fittings are quenched and tempered and bodies are normalized for ultimate strength and longevity.

Elite Sales offers hook and eye turnbuckles with thread diameters between ¼” to 1” and take ups between 4” to 12.” All pieces are made to Federal Specification FF-T791, Type 1, Form 1, Class 6 and ASTM F-1145 with a maximum working load limit of up to 5,000 lbs.

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