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Forged Steel Missing Links

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Forged Steel- Quenched and Tempered
Meets or exceeds the performance requirement of Federal Specifications RRC-271S, Type II

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Forged steel missing links are replacement chain links – which can be used in place of damaged or worn pieces of steel chains or as a connection piece. Each missing link is made of forged steel and is quenched and tempered for superior durability and strength.

A missing link can be installed with a center punch and hammer with an integral rivet which joins the halves of the link together. They are also easy to remove or replace if a more permanent fixture is needed.

Elite Sales offers missing link pieces ranging in size from 3/16” to ¾” with a maximum working load limit of 10,250 lbs. Every missing link meets or exceeds the performance requirement of Federal Specification RRC-271S, Type II.

Do you need to purchase missing link pieces or are wondering which size you need for varying applications? Reach out to our helpful staff at Elite Sales for more information, advice, and assistance.

Size (in)Working Load Limit (LBS)A (in)B (in)C (in)D (in)E (in)F (in)G (in)Weight Per Piece in LBSPart No.
1/4 1,3250.280.880.440.441.510.310.06EG14ML
5/16 1,9500.340.940.470.471.691.160.380.13EG516ML
3/8 2,7500.411.130.560.562.061.380.470.2EG38ML
1/2 4,7500.531.470.660.662.661.720.590.38EG12ML
5/8 7,2500.661.810.780.813.312.090.750.73EG58ML
3/4 10,2500.782.130.941.063.882.50.881.23EG34ML