Screw Pin Chain Shackles

Screw Pin Chain Shackles

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Drop Forged, Hot Dipped Galvanized
To Federal Specification RR-C-271F, Type IVB, Grade A, Class 2

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Screw pin chain shackles are also known as D-shackles or U-shackles because of the shape of the bow. Screw pin chain shackles are used in straight line pulls and overhead lifts to create a secure connection that can easily be attached.

Screw pin chain shackles are drop forged – which helps to increase the piece’s strength and durability. It is then hot dipped galvanized with an even zinc protective coating for exceptional corrosion resistance.

Nominal shackle sizes are available in ¼” to 2” with a maximum working load limit of up to 35 Tons. Every screw pin chain shackle is made to Federal Specification RR-C-271F, Type IVB, Grade A, Class 2.

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Nominal Shackle Size (in)Weight Per Piece in LBSWorking Load Limit (tons)A (in)B (in)C (in)D (in)E (in)F (in)G (in)K (in)L (in)M (in)Part No.
7/160.431 1/20.750.50.440.441.631.061.482.670.312.37HG716SPCS
5/81.253 1/41.060.750.630.632.321.52.043.760.443.34HG58SPCS
3/42.634 3/41.250.880.810.752.751.812.44.530.53.97HG34SPCS
7/83.166 1/21.4410.970.883.22.12.865.330.54.5HG78SPCS
14.758 1/21.691.13113.692.383.245.940.565.13HG1SPCS
1 1/86.759 1/21.811.
1 1/49.06122.031.381.381.254.5333.977.50.696.25HG114SPCS
1 3/811.6313 1/
1 1/215.95172.381.631.621.55.383.624.879.050.817.33HG112SPCS
1 3/426.75252.8822.121.756.384.195.7810.9719.06HG134SPCS