Shoulder Type Machinery Eye Bolts

Shoulder Type Machinery Eye Bolts

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Hot Galvanized and Self Colored
Meets or exceeds all requirements of ASME B30.26

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Eyebolts are used to secure hardware to a structure through a rounded hole on the top of the bolt. Eyebolts are rated for varying loads, with a maximum working load limit of 24,000 lbs.

Shoulder type machinery eye bolts are quenched and tempered, which helps to harden the material by heating the metal and then rapidly cooling it to set the shape.

Shoulder type machinery eye bolts are used for numerous types of industrial applications, including:

  • Connection points for rigging
  • Anchoring
  • Pulling
  • Pushing
  • Hoisting equipment

Shouldered eye bolts have an extra shoulder at the point between the eye and the shank, which reduced bending stress and makes it possible to be used for angular lifting. Machinery eye bolts are threaded and designed for tapped holes specifically to be used as lifting points for angular loads up to 45 °.

Elite Sales offers shoulder type machinery eye bolts in ranking sizes and take up inches for numerous types of applications. Place your order or get in touch with us today!

Shank Dia. & Take Up (in)Working Load Limit (lbs)Weight Per Piece in LBSA (in)B (in)C (in)D (in)E (in)F (in)G (in)H (in)Hot Galvanized Part No.Self Colored Part No.
5/16X1 1/8 1,2000.095/16"-181.151.380.882.740.250.590.9HG516X118MESC516X118ME
3/8X1 1/4 1,5500.153/8"-161.271.6213.070.310.691HG38X114MESC38X114ME
1/2X1 1/2 2,6000.281/2"-131.531.951.193.70.380.911.2HG12X112MESC12X112ME
5/8X1 3/4 5,2000.555/8"-111.792.381.384.450.51.131.47HG58X134MESC58X134ME
3/4X2 7,2000.963/4"-102.052.761.55.070.631.381.64HG34X2MESC34X2ME
7/8X2 1/4 10,6001.547/8"-92.313.251.755.870.751.561.94HG78X214MESC78X214ME
1X2 1/2 13,3002.381"-82.573.7626.660.881.812.21HG1X212MESC1X212ME
1 1/4X3 21,0003.991-1/4"-
1 1/2X3 1/2 24,0007.201-1/2"-63.65.539.491.252.753.14HG112X312MESC112X312ME