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Spring snap hooks are used on a wide variety of applications in order to close a ring or loop to a semi-permanent attachment. It is often seen in marine, farming, household, and some other industrial uses and they come in a large variety of sizes.

Snap hooks have a durable moving spring, which can be easily opened and closed for reattachment. The wide-open shape of the spring snap hook allows for a wide range of movement.

The electro-galvanized spring snap hook is coated in a thin, even covering of zinc to provide protection from corrosion and rust, making it suitable for outdoor use. Elite Sales offers a variety of electro-galvanized spring snap hooks from 3/16” to ½”, with a working load limit of up to 900 lbs.

Elite Sales offers only the highest quality industrial hardware products. Reach out to our sales team to buy spring snap hooks today!

Size ASize BSize CSize DSize EWorking Load Limit (LBS)Weight Per Piece in LBSPart No.