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Snatch Blocks, Bronze Bushed, with Hook
ASME B30.26

Alloy steel snatch blocks are used for overhead lifting applications particularly for high load, intermittent, and high temporary load services. They are made of extremely heavy-duty high strength alloy steel to withstand working load limits of up to 20 Tons.

Snatch blocks are one of the most common types of blocks as they allow for easy, temporary attachments for moving short distances.

Snatch blocks are available in two styles of top fittings: hook and shackle. Hook attachments have a spring-loaded latch which allows for easy detachment while shackle blocks are closed loops for more permanent securement.

Both styles sold by Elite Sales are bronze bushed and available with sheave diameters ranging from 3” to 12” with work load limits from 2 Tons to 20 Tons.

Elite Sales is a top-quality alloy steel snatch blocks supplier that you can trust. We are proud to offer a wide variety of industrial hardware products for numerous types of applications. Reach out to us today to receive a quote and learn more.

Sheave Dia (in)Working Load Limit (TONS)Weight Per Piece in LBSRope Dia (in)Top FittingPart No.
3245/16" - 3/8"HookWR3SBH
4 1/24123/8" - 1/2"HookWR412SBH
68285/8" - 3/4"HookWR6SBH
88345/8" - 3/4"HookWR8SBH
108425/8" - 3/4"HookWR10SBH

Snatch Blocks, Bronze Bushed, with Shackle

ASME B30.26

Sheave Dia (in)Working Load Limit (TONS)Weight Per Piece in LBSRope Dia (in)Top FittingPart No.
3255/16" - 3/8"ShackleWR3SB
4 1/24123/8" - 1/2"ShackleWR412SB
68275/8" - 3/4"ShackleWR6SB
88335/8" - 3/4"ShackleWR8SB
108415/8" - 3/4"ShackleWR10SB