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Stainless Steel Jaw and Jaw Turnbuckle

Stainless Steel Jaw and Jaw Turnbuckle

Buy Stainless Steel Jaw and Jaw Turnbuckles

Type 316 Stainless Steel

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Stainless steel jaw and jaw turnbuckles are used in tensioning systems for marine, outdoor, and other industrial applications. The turnbuckle creates tension in chains, ropes, or cables to take up slack and hold the tensioning system tight. It has two jaw endings with a nut and bolt for easy detachment and temporary attachments.

The jaw and jaw turnbuckle is made of Type 316 stainless steel – which makes it extremely durable for heavy-duty applications and resistant to corrosion. Elite Sales offers stainless steel jaw and jaw turnbuckles in five sizes, ranging from 4” take ups to 6” with a maximum working load limit of 3,500 lbs.

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Thread Dia & Take Up (in)Working Load Limit (lbs)Weight Per Piece in LBSA (in)J Open (in)K Closed (in)M Open (in)N Closed (in)R (in)S (in)X Closed (in)BB (in)Part No.
1/4 x 45000.360.250.451.580.6210.906.9011.907.904.00SSF14X4JJ
5/16 x 4-1/28000.520.310.501.980.8712.368.3613.909.404.50SSF516X412JJ
3/8 x 61,2000.810.380.542.120.8716.1410.1417.3811.386.00SSF38X6JJ
1/2 x 62,2001.500.500.682.751.0617.5011.5019.0013.006.00SSF12X6JJ
5/8 x 63,5002.720.630.823.501.3118.8012.8020.8814.886.00SSF58X6JJ