Grade 43 High Test Binding/Boomer Chains


Grade 43 High Test Binding Chains

Buy Grade 43 High Test Binding Chains

With Clevis Grab Hooks on Each End

Grade 43 high test binding chain (also known as boomer chain) is used for towing, logging, binding, tie-down, and construction applications which require heavy-duty, high strength chain for heavy loads. The high test chain has two Clevis grab hooks on each end for secure attachments which can be easily removed.

Grade 43 high test binding chains have a self-colored finish, meaning that it has no plating or coating. All binding chains sold by Elite Sales is 20’ in length with varying chain diameters between 5/16”, 3/8”, and ½” available.

Elite Sales is a proud grade 43 high test binding chain supplier of only the highest quality industrial products. Place an order with us today!

Chain DiameterChain LengthFinishWeight per Piece in LBSPart No.