Installation of Wire Rope Clips



Wire rope clips are widely used for making end terminations.
Clips are available in two basic designs; the U-Bolt and fist grip. The efficiency of both types is the same.

When using U-Bolt clips, extreme care must be exercised to make certain that they are attached correctly; i.e., the U-Bolt must be applied so that the “U” section is in contact with the dead end of the rope.

Also, the tightening and retightening of the nuts must be accomplished as required.

Use only forged clips for critical, heavy duty, overhead loads, such as support lines, guy lines, towing lines, tie downs, scaffolds, etc.

Malleable clips are to be used for making eye termination assemblies only with right regular lay wire rope and only for light duty uses with small applied loads, such as hand rails, fencing, guard rails, etc.


Recommended Method of Applying U-Bolt Clips to Get Maximum Holding Power of the Clip.
The following is based on the use of proper size U-Bolt clips on new rope.

1.Turn back specified amount of rope from thimble or loop. Apply first clip one base width from dead end of rope. Apply U-Bolt over dead end of wire rope with live end resting in saddle. Tighten nuts evenly, alternating from one nut to the other until reaching the recommended torque.

2. When two clips are required, apply the second clip as near the loop or thimble as possible. Tighten nuts evenly, alternating until reaching the recommended torque. When more than two clips are required, apply the second clip as near the loop or thimble as possible, turn nuts on second clip firmly, but do not tighten.
Proceed to Step 3.

3. When three or more clips are required, space additional clips equally between first two – take up rope recommended slack – tighten nuts on each U-Bolt evenly, alternating from one nut to the other until reaching recommended torque.

4. Apply first load to test the assembly. This load should be of equal or greater – weight than loads expected in use. Next, check and retighten nuts to recommended torque.

In accordance with good rigging and maintenance practices, the wire rope and termination should be inspected periodically for wear, abuse and general adequacy.

Inspect periodically and retighten to recommended torque.

A termination made in accordance with the above instructions and using the number of dips shown, has an approximate 80% efficiency rating. This rating is based upon the nominal strength of wire rope. If a pulley is used in place of a thimble for turning back the rope, add one additional clip.

The number of clips shown is based upon using right regular or lang lay wire rope, 6×19 classification or 6×37 classification, fiber core or IWRC, IPS or EIP. If Seale construction or similar large outer wire type construction in the 6×19 classification, fiber core, IPS, sizes 11/2″ and smaller; and right regular lay wire rope, 19×7 classification, IPS or EIP, sizes 1 3/4″ and smaller.

For other classifications of wire rope not mentioned above, it may be necessary to add additional clips to the number shown.

If a greater number of clips are used than shown in the table, the amount of rope turnback should be increased proportionately. ABOVE BASED ON USE OF PROPER SIZE U-BOLT CLIPS ON NEW ROPE.

IMPORTANT: Failure to make a termination in accordance with mentioned instructions, or failure to periodically check and retighten to the recommended torque, may cause a reduction in efficiency rating.


The correct way to attach U-Bolts is shown at the top; the “U” section is in contact with the dead end of the rope and is clear of the thimble.

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