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Welcome to Elite Sales Incorporated
Elite Sales, Inc. offers its brand of products to help its customers successfully compete in their respective markets. As a company we take pride in our pledge to supply only as a wholesale wire rope distributor.

We provide goods to distributors in industries ranging from commercial fishing and cargo transport to agriculture and construction. Our customer base includes wire rope fabricators, regional distributors, industry specific supply houses and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

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10 Reasons to Partner with Elite Sales

1. Buy from experts.

2. Receive our undivided attention. You deserve it.

3. Learn what thousands of our customers already know.

4. Leverage our multi-million dollar inventory support.

5. Enjoy the confidence of our 100% insurance backing.

6. Access a diverse line of inventory.

7. Get the best value.

8. Embrace the Elite Advantage... always.

9. Tap into 100+ years of combined industry experience.

10. Expand your market and customer base.

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Introducing The Newest Mighty Warriors of the Trade

America's largest importer and wholesale distributor of wire rope, cable, chain and hardware, is proud to introduce Viking, its newest, strikingly bold product line. It features shackles, thimbles, sockets, clips, hooks, turnbuckles, rings and more. Learn More »
Viking Hardware
  • Very Competitive Prices
  • Certified Product Line
  • Readily Available Inventory
  • Sizes 1/4" - 4"
  • Made in Korea
  • Quality Forging and Machining
  • Worldwide Acceptance
  • Same Day Shipping
  • Coast to Coast Deliveries
  • Warehouses in Houston, TX & Tampa, FL
  • New Cobalt Blue Powder Coated Grade 100 Alloy Chain

    We have been working, rather waiting, on this new chain for almost a full year. We now plenty of it in stock and it is ready for 2 day delivery. Powder coated chain is abrasion resistant which means your implementation will last longer due to reduced corrosion. Read More »

    1/2" Grade 100 Blue Chain

    Blue Alloy Chain Grade 100 - 1/2

    View Product
    spacer 3/8" Grade 100 Blue Chain

    Blue Alloy Chain Grade 100 - 3/8

    View Product

    9/32" Grade 100 Blue Chain

    Blue Alloy Chain Grade 100 - 9/32

    View Product
    spacer 5/16" Grade 100 Blue Chain

    Blue Alloy Chain Grade 100 - 5/16

    View Product

    New SwageGrip™ Sleeves made of Carbon Steel or Zinc Plated Steel

    It should come as no surprise that ESI is making headlines again with their introduction of SwageGrip Sleeves to the market. SwageGrip Sleeves are Carbon Steel Sleeves that are used to make eyes (loops) on the ends of slings. These SwageGrip Sleeves make for strong sling loops that are capable of handling any load. Read More »

    Zinc Plated SwageGrip™

    Zinc Plated SwageGrip™

    View Product
    spacer Carbon Steel SwageGrip™

    Carbon Steel SwageGrip™

    View Product

    Elite Sales, Inc. Brands

    Tiger Strand

    Mirror Finish

    Korean Quality Line

    ESI products are imported from Korea, China and the U.S.A.

    Click here for ESI Catalog online PDF viewer.

    Click here for ESI Catalog download.     ESI Catalog PDF download

    Drahtseilwerk Bremerhaven Catalog

    Industrial German Wire Rope Manufacture Since 1934.

    Drahtseilwerk Bremerhave products are imported from Germany.

    Click for Drahtseilwerk Catalog online PDF viewer.

    Click for Drahtseilwerk Catalog download.     ESI Catalog PDF download

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    SFMSDC Logo The main purpose of the Southern Florida Minority Supplier Development Council (SFMSDC) is to connect government agencies and corporations with Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) to foster business development and expansion.

    Founded in 1975 by the Greater Miami Progress Foundation and the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, the SFMSDC fosters the development of minority owned businesses just like Elite Sales Inc. throughout South Florida. Elite Sales Inc. obtained Minority Business status nearly two decades ago and their business has flourished as a result. Read More »

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